The Perfection of a Milkshake

I love food… a lot. Although all humans love food, I believe that I take it to an entirely higher level. It must run in my genes because my family is the same way. When we are together we have lengthy discussions about food — the taste, feeling, texture. I blame them for my obsession.

On the way back from a trip to Trader Joe’s where we bought their French Vanilla Ice Cream, we discussed the beauty of a good milkshake.

Now I must admit, I would call myself an ice cream snob, and even more of a milkshake snob. There is nothing worse than a bad milkshake. Have you ever had one with chunks of ice and gloppiness? Not for me, no thank you. After talking over some of our least favorite experiences we reminisced on our all time favorite milkshake joint: The Charcoal Pit.

The Charcoal Pit is an old fashioned 50s style restaurant with a couple locations in Delaware. They have perfected the Malt. I laugh every time I taste it because it is just “that good”. They have the best malt milkshake for the following reasons:

Secret Weapons of Achieving the Perfect Milkshake

  1. Malt Content: For a high quality malt experience it is extremely important to have enough malt. In my opinion, there can never be too much of this powdered goodness.
  2. High Quality Ingredients: If you put good ingredients in, you get a good result out. Basic math.
  3. Consistency: Thick, creamy, and smooth are all qualities every milkshake should possess.

With our three requirements laid out, we realized we had the first two covered in creating our own milkshake, but what about consistency? Over the years we have made many milkshakes in the blender. But for some reason, it never has the right consistency. It separates the milk from the ice cream and there are lumps and bumps throughout. It’s not pretty. While complaining over the blender’s incompetence of milkshake making I had an epiphany.

This was probably the best epiphany I have ever had. It’s genius actually….

Are You Ready??


Yes, a mixer. You see a mixer is able to whip the ice cream and milk together, rather than cut it up with blades like a blender does.

The result is a light, fluffy, creamy explosion of heaven. And it is oh so simple to make.

1. Take a couple scoops of ice cream, milk, half and half, and vanilla and add to the bowl.

2. Turn that mixer on and watch the magic begin (WARNING: be sure to start slow or you will  get ice cream everywhere).

3. Add in desired malt amount (or none if you don’t like malt). Mix some more and pour into a glass. ENJOY.


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