All About Resolutions

With New Years around the corner in 12 days I have started thinking about what my resolution should be. Every year it is the same, eat healthy and exercise more. Although this is a great resolution, it’s one I try to make to myself everyday. And constantly fail. I need something new and exciting, as well as a way to keep myself accountable. I want a resolution that will help others too.

With all these aspects in mind I came up with my resolution

“The Slim-Fat Project”

For my New Years Resolution I am going to challenge myself to maintain a healthy diet while saving money. I will have a ballpark budget per week of $25 for food. There will be some weeks where I spend more (buying more if an item is on sale) and some weeks where I spend less so I am limiting myself to $100 spent on food per month.

$100 a month equates to $3.33 per day.

Now I’m sure some of you are thinking that I’m going to be living off of Ramen Noodles and PB&Js but let me tell you that will not be the case. I am determined to slim my waist in the process, hence the name “The Slim-Fat Project”. I want to prove to people that it is entirely possible slim you waist and fatten your wallet at the same time.

As everyone knows America is in a financial rut right now. Americans need to spend less and save more, and what better way to save than on food. According to, the average American eats out 5 meals per week. My guess is that is mostly fast food too, which is not the best for your health. Many Americans settle for this chemical, fat-injected grub because it’s cheap, convenient, and tastes good. This has definitely aided to the obesity epidemic in our country. I want to prove to Americans that it is entirely possible to save money while eating healthy and delicious  foods.

I have a lot of research to do in the next 12 days about money saving meals and tips. I have a feeling that saving money on food is all about planning. My first research will be on my current habits and where I can cut back.

My Current Habits

I often fall victim to grabbing lunch out. I am studying and don’t want to walk the mile back to my house just to eat. On average I spend $7.50 on lunch a day. If I eat lunch out every day for a week that equates to $37.50 for that week. That does not include the money spent on groceries (my average week is $40). Also add in my frozen yogurt runs ($5 per week) and dinner out with friends ($10 per week) and my bill piles up quickly. Let’s do the math:

($37.50  *  4) + ($40 * 4) + ($5 * 4) + ($10  *  4) = $370 per month

To be honest $370 per month surprises me a little bit. I believe that I am pretty conservative with my money spending compared to other people I know. I know that saving this much money will be a challenge but will be totally worth it.

If I saved $270 ($370 I normally spend – $100 I will spend) per month for just 3 months I would have an extra $810.

Things I can buy with the money I save in 3 months:

  • 1 iPad and 1 iPhone
  • A 7 night Carnival Cruise around the Caribbean (also a great way to show off the new slim figure)

If I did this for 6 months I would have an extra $1620… 9 months $2430 and 1 year $3240.

I’m thinking of doing this for a year and taking a trip back to the mother country, just saying 🙂


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