Mamma’s Authentic Lasagna

My Mom is my best friend and role model. She is successful, beautiful, genuine, and an amazing cook. Plus, I have her to thank for my Italian blood… she has recipes past down from my family for generations.

My favorite food of hers that she makes is Lasagna… Those juicy meatballs, delicious sauce, spicy sausage, and melty cheese layered in pasta blankets is heaven on earth for me.

My Mom had a batch of leftover tomato sauce with sausage and meatballs so she decided to use it to make her delicious lasagna for a work party tomorrow night. This is a great way to use left overs and also a great way to prepare a meal in advance. All she will have to do is pop it in the oven tomorrow and she is ready for entertaining.  Lucky for all of you I am sharing her recipe.


  • 1 Box Lasagna Noodles (no-boil)
  • 2 lbs Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 lb block of Mozzarella Cheese
  • 3 Eggs
  • 3 T. Romano Cheese
  • 1 T. Dried Parsley
  • 1 t. Olive Oil
  • 6 C. Tomato Sauce
  • Meatballs, Sausage to your liking.


1. Mix together eggs, ricotta cheese, parsley, and Romano.

2. Chop meatballs, sausage, and mozzarella cheese in to thin strips.

Eggs, Ricotta, Parsley, and Romano Cheese

3. Take your lasagna pan and lightly oil the bottom for easy clean up later. Then add a small amount of sauce and your first layer of pasta.

First Layer of Pasta

4. Next add a meat layer, then a sauce layer, and then the ricotta and mozzarella with a sprinkle of Romano cheese.

Sauce and Cheese Layers

5. Then add another layer of pasta and complete the process again until all ingredients are used up.

Another Pasta Layer

6. Top with sauce and Romano cheese. We are saving the baking for tomorrow which makes Lasagna such a great make-ahead dish.

Finished before baking

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