Nutella Filled Danish Pancakes

Today in the mail we received a gift from my Great Aunt and Great Uncle. Every year they send us really awesome and unique cooking supplies and kits. This year we received an Aebleskiver Pan along with a cookbook and 2 mixes for these delicious pancake pockets. My Mom and I whipped up a half batch of these puppies to give em’ a try.

Danish Pancakes with an Ooey Gooey Nutella Center

We used a pre-made mix to make these Danish Pancake Balls. All we had to add was melted butter, milk, and a separated egg. I looked online for some home-made recipes and this looks like a good one: Pancake Balls

The Wonderful Christmas Present

We began by mixing the batter and whipping the egg white until stiff

Separated Egg Whites and Batter

After folding the egg-whites into the batter, you add 1/8 t. of butter to each well in the pan.

Buttered Pan

Fill each well with 1 T. batter, then 1 t. filling (nutella) and then another 1T. of batter on top.

Cooking up these delicious batter balls
Batter Batter Batter

Let these babies cook for 3-4 minutes until golden brown and then flip using two toothpicks.

Let cook for about 3 more minutes until done and gently take them out of the pan and top with powdered sugar. EAT. LOVE.

Finished Product
BEWARE: These go down easy


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