Week 1 of Slim Waist Fat Wallet Shopping

Tomorrow begins my challenge to fatten my wallet and eat healthily. Today I did my first grocery haul and I’m beginning to see how much of a challenge this really will be. I spent $27.95 at Walmart for all of my groceries for the week. I did buy a couple items in bulk such as Greek yogurt and chicken breast so I will not have to buy them next week.

Here are my expendatures:

0% Fage Greek Yogurt: $6.37 for a 35.3oz container

At only 120 calories for a 1 cup serving with 23 grams of protein, Greek yogurt is the only way to go when trying to lose weight. My two favorite varieties are Fage and     Chobani. I love Chobani yogurt because they have amazing flavors such as mango and pomegranate. I usually buy Chobani when it’s on sale for $1 for a 6oz container of yogurt. Unfortunately, Walmart did not have Chobani so I was left with other options. I decided to go with the large size of plain 0% Fage instead. It is around the same price but the plain variety is much more versatile. It can be used in cooking, mixed in oatmeal, or as a replacement for fatty mayonnaise. I figured this was an item I was willing to splurge on.

Frozen Broccoli: $1.98

I LOVE broccoli, I love it so much that I eat a ton of it. Broccoli is one of the healthiest green veggies, it has a ton of fiber and can be a great way to fill up your tummy with few calories. In this bag of broccoli, I get 6 servings weighing in on just 33 cents a serving. I find that veggies are so much more convenient when they are frozen because I don’t have to clean them, cut them, and steam them. Plus they are much cheaper and just as healthy for you.

Frozen Cut Green Beans $0.98 for 6 servings

Coming in at 16 cents a serving, these green beans were a steal! They are also a great healthy veggie that is versatile in many meals.

Frozen Spinach: $1.48

I was hoping to find a generic option for frozen spinach but could not find any! I had to buy the Green Giant variety. I have heard that frozen spinach is a MUCH better buy then fresh spinach. An entire bag of spinach costs $3.50 and can be cooked down to half the size of the frozen box.

Chicken Breast: $9.52 for 4.83 lbs

1 serving of chicken breast is equal to 4ounces. According to this guideline all of this chicken will provide me with 19 servings! I like chicken a lot so I may eat a little more than just 4 oz but that equates to $1.98 per serving.

Almond Milk $3.18 for a half gallon

Okay this wasn’t on sale at all but I love my almond milk so I had to buy some this week. Have you ever tried it? There are only 35 calories per glass and it tastes amazing in coffee.

Bananas: $1.14 for 5

Granny Smith Apples $2.47 for 3

White onion $0.83

Anyways so there is my weekly round up of groceries, more to come with recipes later this week


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