Fat Wallet Tip: Don’t Let Spices Fool You

As I’m sure many of you know, spices can be pricey. This is a shame because they add such wonderful flavor and dimension to food. I found a recipe I am going to make for dinner and it called for ginger. I set out to buy ginger and did some cost comparison on different spice brands.

Tip #1: Check out the Mexican Food Aisle

Yes, the Mexican food aisle is a wonderful place to find spices. The spices are much less expensive than regular spices. Most of the spices come in little plastic bags instead of containers. I just empty the contents into a plastic bag and label it accordingly. I found ground ginger in the Mexican aisle for only $1.29 where as the McCormick ginger was a whopping $6.39!

Tip #2: Buy Generic

Buying generic can also save a lot of money. I found ground ginger in Food Lion brand that was $2.00. It was much less than McCormick brand but still not as good of a deal as the Mexican aisle.

Tip # 3: Search Drug Stores

I have found that the drug store has the cheapest spices I have ever found. Every couple of weeks the CVS Pharmacy in Burlington has a clearance rack. In the beginning of the year I found oregano, parsley, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes on clearance for only $0.39 cents. I stocked up on all four of these items and I am sure glad I did. Although they are not always on clearance, spices at Drug Stores typically range from $0.79 cents to $0.99 cents. The drug store is the first place to look when searching for spices!


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