Week 1 in Review

Today marks 1 week of the The Slim-Fat Project and I must say it was… a success! Not only did I easily stay in budget but I also lost a few pounds. I must admit I cheated a little bit, I visited Jonny and he treated me to lunch and ice cream in Chapel Hill on Saturday (hey, gotta live a little!). I think it is realistic to go out to eat once a week, just make sure to order something reasonably priced. We went to Sutton’s Drug Store on Franklin Street on this beautiful 70 degree day.

I got a HUGE salad with roasted chicken, eggs, cheese, sprouts, veggies, and banana peppers… for under $6! Just make sure to go online and research restaurants in the area and their price range. If you plan ahead, you are more likely to stick with the plan than to splurge for a more expensive place just because you’re hungry.

I have kept a journal writing down every thing I ate as well as recording all money I have spent. Yesterday I went out shopping and didn’t buy anything, because I knew I would have to write it down and reflect on what I have spent.

I want to show you all what I ate this week. So you can see that only spending around $25 for a weeks worth of meals is not a struggle! As you will see I ate a lot of leftovers along with my homemade oat bars and whole wheat bread.

What I ate this week:

Tuesday 1.3:

Wednesday 1.4:

  • 1 egg and whole wheat bread
  • 1 oat bar
  • whole wheat pasta with chicken and spinach
  • 1/4 C. pistachios with 1/2 apple
  • farro risotto
  • york peppermint patty

Thursday 1.5:

  • oatmeal with protein powder
  • oat bar
  • farro risotto
  • 1/4 C. pistachios with 1/2 apple
  • chicken teriyaki
  • blood orange sorbet

Friday 1.6:

  • cookie dough cereal (will post soon!)
  • 2 oat bars
  • farro risotto
  • chicken parm
  • mini york patty
  • mini reeses cup

Saturday 1.7:

  • 1 egg with banana
  • chicken salad
  • whole foods samples (can’t resist samples)
  • ice cream
  • cliff bar

Sunday 1.8:

What I spent this week: $29.10

I know this is a little over but that is ALL the money I spent this week. I didn’t have to buy gas, and I resisted the urge to buy new clothes when I went shopping. I am very proud of myself.

Pounds Lost: 3

As you can see I ate very well this week, I didn’t feel deprived one bit and I lost 3 pounds. I have been exercising a lot this week which is a big aid in health and well being, so get moving!

What’s Left Over?

I still have a lot of food left from last week, I probably won’t have to go grocery shopping until later this week. I have…

  • 3 more servings of coconut chicken
  • 2 more chicken breasts that I trimmed and placed in the freezer for later use
  • 1/2 bag of broccoli
  • 1/2 bag of green beans
  • entire container of Greek yogurt (which doesn’t expire for 3 more weeks)
  • 2 bananas (they started getting too ripe so I sliced them and froze them for a frozen treat)

I am so happy with the results this week, I hope it inspires others to save money and eat healthy as well. Keep posted for more recipes and fat wallet tips.





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