Week 2 in Review and Week 3 Shopping

With the second week under my belt, I can honestly say that saving money and eating healthy is not a challenging task. I did not have to go food shopping at all this week! I used ingredients I already had in my freezer and cabinets. It is important to get creative and use the food you already have around. I also was lucky to be invited over to two friends houses for dinner, which helps! For the past 2 weeks I have only spent $30 on all food, and I have lost a total of 5 pounds as well as an inch from my waist. I think my plan is working so far 🙂

Last night was the cheat meal for the week and we had cheese fondue. I bought the dippers and Jonny bought the cheese and bread. Unfortunately we did not like the cheese too much. It was imported from Switzerland but was “stinky cheese” which we are not really into. We did however love the bacon wrapped chicken dippers. I think next time I try fondue I will make it with different cheese.

Today I spent around $30 for my next week or two of groceries. I made a huge pot of Ribollita for the week. I like to make a big meal on Sundays that I can eat off of for the rest of the week. Ribollita is a healthy and yummy meal that I can not wait to eat again! I plan on making my oat bars and bread tonight or tomorrow. I will keep you updated!


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