With the end of a successful week 3, week 4 is underway

I realized I never wrapped up week three of my new years resolution. It has gone very well, I have stayed within budget and my pants fit again, yayyy! I do not have my receipts with me but I spent $25 on groceries last week. This week has not been as well. I am home for the week and have been eating out a lot! Oh well, I need to wrap it up next week when I am back at school again.

This blog has been very enjoyable for me but I find myself eating so many leftovers that I do not have much to blog about! I am considering writing daily updates as a way to stay more on track.

I have found that the number one thing that helps me save money and eat healthily is keeping a planner. In my planner I plan out my meals, workouts, and grocery list. When I plan everything out I do not stray from the plan as much. Also, looking at how many days I have stayed within budget helps me to keep going.

I have also started making workout cards like the one below to take to the gym with me. I have made one for abs, arms, legs, and glutes. I also added stick pictures to refresh my memory about how to perform the exercises.

I am home this week for fake break. Yoga has finished and I am waiting to start my last semester of college! It is very bitter-sweet. Today I had an amazing day in Lancaster with Caitlin, my best friend since 2nd grade. We went out to lunch in Lancaster and went shopping too. It was so nice to spend time with her, I wish we could more often.

me and caitlin last summer

We went to an amazing cafe and I drank my first cappuccino since Italy! It did not disappoint one bit. It was perfectly strong and frothy and warmed from the inside. I wish I could drink this everyday. The cafe also had a specialty food shop with delicious delicacies from France, Belgium, Italy and even more countries. I am not going to lie, I wanted to buy the entire store out.


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