One Month Down

Although Feb 1st does not start till Tuesday I am wrapping up the first month of the project. Last week I was home on break and definitely splurged a lot. With my parents paying for food and going out to delicious dinners with family, I did not think once about my budget or eating healthily. Excluding the meals I had supplemented by my parents (thanks!) I spent a total of $63 on groceries last month! I went out to eat a couple of times and spent $21 on the two meals combined. Just looking at the fact that two meals were one third of my money spent on groceries (and one forth total) is ridiculous. Honestly, going out to eat is fun but I think it is just as fun (if not more) to cook with friends instead. With all of my food totaled up I spent $84 on food for the month! I am very pleased with myself and the realization that saving money is not too much of a hardship.

This was the delicious lunch I shared with my Mom last week from California Pizza Kitchen. It was a salad on top of a pizza crust. I need to learn how to make this myself.

With a bit of a set back last week, I have decided that I want to make February the best month yet. I am going to try to update this blog with more recipes and money saving tips.

Grocery shopping today, I focused on buying mainly fresh fruits and veggies. I of course added some greek yogurt, garlic hummus, and chocolate chips (get ready for a new pb chocolate chip granola bar recipe!) My most expensive item was the peanut butter but I think it’s worth it. Total today was $27.20.

I had chicken to use in the freezer that I placed in the crock pot to have for the week. It is Mediterranean Lemon Chicken. t is cooking in the Crockpot as I type this and I can not wait to try it. I am planning on using it for salads and sandwiches.


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