Lattice DIY Dresser

Hello all! I have not written for over two weeks and I apologize… I have been busy finishing up my last year of College. It is a bit bittersweet but I must say, I am excited to be (almost) done!  Lately, I have brought my focus to decorating my bedroom in my new apartment in Raleigh, NC.

Last summer I purchased a rather boring dark brown dresser from Big Lots. It was inexpensive, durable, and could hold a lot of clothes so I figured it was a smart purchase. With my new room, I decided I wanted all white furniture so I set out on the venture of repainting the boring dark dresser. With my first attempt, I thought I wanted a rustic look. I sanded and painted the dresser but was not happy with the results. Unfortunately, I think I bought the wrong paint because it started peeling off.

Attempt #1

With my second attempt, I purchased a beautiful Lattice stencil from Hobby Lobby along with spray paint, spray adhesive, acrylic sealant, and acrylic paint from Michaels. I highly recommend the Martha Stewart craft brand. The stencil spray adhesive worked beautifully. It kept the stencil in place while being repositionable without taking off what I had already painted. I tried it out on one section (above) and decided that it was definitely worth trying with my second painting venture.


After a lot of sanding and a couple of coats of spray paint, I stenciled the lattice using a foam brush. It was not difficult to do and only took about an hour in total. I tried to make the paint look like wood to add more of a natural feel. Once the paint dried, I applied two coats of acrylic sealer. I also painted the handles with the same brown paint but I would like to replace them eventually with something more exciting. All in all, I am thrilled with how it turned out!

Attempt #2

Close Up

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